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Home :: Healthy Food :: 100% Natural Siberian Fiber with TOPINAMBOUR 5.5, 6oz (170g)

100% Natural Siberian Fiber with TOPINAMBOUR 5.5, 6oz (170g)

100% Natural Siberian Fiber with TOPINAMBOUR 5.5, 6oz (170g)
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A special kind of Siberian fiber, specially designed for the prevention of diabetes. Fiber is impregnated with the copyright saharoponizhayuschy tea, moreover, contains a root artichoke, efficient diabetes.

5.5 - the index mark people who are prone to diabetes, not hearsay. In tissue " with Jerusalem artichoke 5.5 " all aimed at the prevention of this serious disease.

Fiber " 5.5 with Jerusalem artichoke " has triple action:
- Firstly, the fiber in principle capable of stabilizing blood sugar levels, and there are scientific proofs. Cellulose reduces the need for insulin, improve glycemic control, reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
- Secondly, every piece of fiber " with Jerusalem artichoke 5.5 " impregnated richest copyright saharoponizhayuschy tea, consisting of 13 valuable components.
- Thirdly, in the composition of the fiber includes Jerusalem artichoke, which contains inulin, which does not provide the glucose absorbed into the bloodstream.

However, Fiber "5.5 with Jerusalem artichoke" has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, promotes weight loss , gives vivacity , ease and good humor.

Indications for use:
- Diabetes mellitus,
- Overweight ,
- Diseases of the digestive system ,
- Cardiovascular disease ,
- Cancer ,
- Gallstones ,
- Allergies

Useful properties:
- Stabilization of blood sugar levels ,
- Cleansing the body of toxins ,
- Normalization of metabolism ,
- Activation of the immune system ,
- Nutriceuticals dietary fibers , vitamins, trace elements .

Ingredients: wheat grain shell , Jerusalem artichoke root , berry and shoots
blueberry , apple fruit , tea saharoponizhayuschy : wheatgrass roots, bean leaf , chicory root, flowering oat grass, blueberry shoots mugwort herb , briar fruit , herb lady's mantle , yarrow herb knotweed grass, saxifrage leaf , mint grass, fireweed grass.
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