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Oak broom for Sauna

Oak broom for Sauna
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Oak broom, nothing ustapaet birch broom. Though oak leaves little worse absorb the sweat, but stronger than oak broom birch and can prolong the pleasure of visiting the steam bath for a few times. Large oak leaves: the broad, dense, they are well-injected steam, steamed broom like a fan, light and durable. So broom usually used by those who like a good warm-up steam bath, pour yourself a high fever.
In oak leaves contain taraksaron and (5-sitosterol, quercetin and tannin to 11%. Oak broom has astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and styptic properties. A fresh shredded oak leaves can be applied to purulent wounds for healing. Aqueous 2% - solution oak leaf extract was tested in the complex treatment of septic disease of newborns. analysis of treatment results showed that taking into solution helps significantly reduce the period of fever and intoxication, prevents the development of complications. During the next 1-2 years in these children is much less likely to have severe respiratory and intestinal disorders.
Oak broom usually harvested in June - September in damp, shaded oak groves, where there are large mugs, oak branches, torn in places, especially durable. This oak broom in doubles almost flies. And the rugged broom is obtained from the winter oak. This oak tree whose leaves do not fall off in the winter, it grows in deciduous forests of Western Europe, Asia Minor and the European part of Russia. And it can go up into the mountains to a height of 1600 m above sea level. Oak also make brooms with English oak, which is of two kinds: late blooming (Qnercus robur var. Tardifolia) and early blooming (Qnercus robur. Var. Praecox Czern). Blooms May and he reaches the age of 300-400 years.
Now it becomes clear why the oak broom fun and joy of healthy and hardy fans Russian bath.
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