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About our site

Company Overview works directly with top natural organic beauty and food products manufactured in the Eastern Europe and Russia. When you make a purchase at our web site we then expertly pack your order and send it out the day before the scheduled delivery date.

Country of Origin

The majority of our products come from the Eastern Europe and Russia. We believe in this region as the one highly focused on natural ingredients thanks to vast natural resources. You are always welcome to write to our support and ask about a specific item we'll do our best to answer every single inquiry.

Our Guarantee

At our Guarantee is simple. We want our clients to be completely satisfied. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with our produce, service, or delivery, just let us know and we will replace your item on your next order or issue a refund.

Order Just What You Need

Browse through the web site as if you were in a local pharmacy, small beauty shop or an organic store. Select the food you like or feel want to try and make your order online using our secure server shopping cart, 

Regarding wholesale:

Sorry, here we do not sell wholesale. sells direct to individual in carefully selected small quantities. We might have a bulk saving option coming in the near future.


If there ever is a problem simply call or email to let us know how you'd like us to handle it. Or you can wait and let us know about it on any future order and we'll gladly replace any damaged item or issue a refund at that time. Any non-perishable item may be returned unused for any reason at any time as long as it's in its original packaging.

Our Business provides beauty and natural food products by direct home delivery. We serve individuals nationwide and internationally through our web catalog, telephone, and web-based online ordering. We have been providing a consistent year-round selection of the highest-quality cosmetics and food products since 1999 to individuals for everyday home use. 

We receive, pack, and ship orders from our NY facilities in the heart of the largest collection of established European importers in the nation. Orders are shipped by either FedEx or USPS  for delivery across the country. 

We are committed to being a profitable business, serving our customers & employees through innovative marketing and distribution.

How We have Developed our Business

We have been importing cosmetics from the Eastern Europe and Russian for our wholesale department.  As the time passed, our selection of imported products became so popular that we couldn't ignore a very high interest from individuals. is now here to serve needs of individual customers looking for natural and organic beauty and food products imported from clean regions of the world.

Our Goals for the Future of Russian Food Direct

We expect a steady increase of our retail business volumes.  We dream of becoming one of the leading sources of natural health and beauty products and continue expanding organic food supplies. Visit our website daily to view our everyday specials.