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Home :: Healthy Food :: Thistle Oil with Linseed Oil, 6.76oz (200ml)

Thistle Oil with Linseed Oil, 6.76oz (200ml)

Thistle Oil with Linseed Oil, 6.76oz (200ml)
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A mixture of oil and thistle linseed oil, cold pressed - a functional food product, providing comprehensive restorative and healing effect on the human body. The mixture is a source of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs ), which complement each other.

Thistle oil contains a unique complex of flavonoids - silymarin. It bladaet antioxidant and prevents liver injury induced by toxins and drugs. Moreover, it stimulates the production of proteins and phospholipids in infected liver cells , accelerating the recovery processes.

Linseed oil is the leader of the majority of food on the number being a part of a complex of omega-3 PUFAs . PUFAs are involved in the regulation of many vital processes , to lower cholesterol levels in blood, adjusted tone of blood vessels, contribute to the overall improvement of the body.

Balanced set of nutrients , which is part of the mixture of oil and flaxseed oil thistle , performs a number of important functions in the human body:
- Protects the liver from the adverse effects of alcohol and toxins , restores damaged cells;
- Helps to maintain stable operation of the digestive and cardiovascular systems;
- Involved in lipid metabolism , lowering cholesterol , preventing the formation of blood clots;
- Increases immunity;
- Has an antioxidant effect.

Drinking a mixture of linseed oil and thistle oil is recommended:
- For prevention of disorders of the liver during chronic administration of drugs , especially antibiotics;
- People living in environmentally disadvantaged areas , in large cities, working in hazardous conditions;
- People who are subjected to increased physical and psycho-emotional stress;
- To maintain the tone and physical form;
- To maintain the natural beauty of the skin, hair and nails.
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